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Foundation 2

The F1 and F2 Children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year!

The F1 and F2 Nativity Play

Day 17.....The Cheeky Elf managed to get into the Year 5 and Year 6 Christmas Party!

Day 16..........The Cheeky Elf jumped onto Father Christmas' knee when he visited the F1 and F2 children this week!

Ebony took the Cheeky Elf home overnight and he enjoyed playing with her toys.

Day 15.......The Cheeky Elf came to the Opera House to watch Cinderella! Nevaeh looked after him and made sure he enjoyed the show!

Day 14......The Cheeky Elf was found in Mrs Bramwell's car with his seatbelt on. He knows how important it is to wear it after reading Teddy Takes a Tumble!

Day 13......The Cheeky Elf was found reading a story to his friends on Sienna's bed!

Day 12.....The Cheeky Elf was in Sienna's house getting ready for the Christmas Party!

Day 11........The Cheeky Elf was found in the school library enjoying reading some of his favourite books!

Day 10.....Cheeky Elf couldn't wait to eat his Christmas dinner with Santa Rae in her lovely dress!

Day 9.....The Cheeky Elf sneaked into into Mrs Lunney's pram and went home with her to eat cake!

Day 8......The Cheeky Elf had found his way into the fire station! Fortunately Mr Stirling brought him safely back after the elf had spent a night at the Stirling's house!

Day 7........The Cheeky Elf sneaked into Mr Winstanley's classroom and was using the laptop!

Day 6........The Cheeky Elf was in Bella's christmas tree!

Day 5.........The Cheeky Elf was eating in Bella's kitchen!

Day 4.........The Cheeky Elf was found amongst the narrators in the Year1/2 Christmas Production!

Day 3.....The Cheeky Elf was found climbing into the post box!

Day 2.......The cheeky Elf sneaked into the Year 2 classroom and hid under the tree!

Day 1........The cheeky Elf was found sitting in Mrs Birds' chair!!

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