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Year 6

Tuesday 19th July 2022 - This morning we said goodbye to our Year 6 children! They put on a fantastic assembly, enjoyed by all the children, staff and their parents. We all wish you the very best as you move on to your High Schools! Good Luck!

Wednesday 13th July 2022 - Our Year 6 class enjoyed their Leavers' Disco tonight!

Year 6 researched the life and work of the Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, Carl Linnaeus. They presented their findings using written and oral presentations.

Year 6 attended Old Trafford today and took part in the 'Show Racism the Red Card' event.

April 2022 - Investigating Light: Year 6 modelled how we see things and explored a range of phenomena and optical instruments such as periscopes, microscopes and optical illusions.

March 2022 - Science Week - To compare the difference between a gummy bear placed in tap water and a gummy bear placed in salt water.

February 2022 - World War 2 Matchbox Challenge - Children were challenged to design and make a World War Two artefact from a matchbox and other materials. The artefact had to be related to an aspect of World War Two that they had learned about.

October 2021 - Black History Month - Year 6 have been researching key historical figures during Black History Month and creating murals for the MU Foundation competition. Take a look...

Monday 27th September 2021 - Year 6 have been identifying fossils in their Science lessons!

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