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Year 4

British Science Week 2023 - Nature Connections - Ecosystems are communities of living and non-living things in an environment. They can include things like animals and plants as well as water and soil. In this activity, we discovered how everything in an ecosystem is interdependent and that the loss of one connection has knock-on effects...

British Science Week 2023 - Protecting Habitat Connections - Why do scientists wait around in old buildings in the middle of the night? They are protecting the connections in a food web which keep the habitat around the building healthy. In this activity, we explored what happens if these connections are broken.

Unpacking Scripture

February 23 - In mixed groups, the children used a quest myth map and identified some of the hazardous terrains, obstacles and potential dangers their hero may face on their journey.

Friday 27th January 2023 - Year 4 class assembly!

November - Year 4 using atlases with a partner to develop map skills.

November - Year 4 have been developing their hockey skills.

Year 4 completing some of their 'Planet League' activities as part of the whole school challenge in association with the Manchester United Foundation!

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