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Year 5

Monday 20th September 2021 - As part of the Big Green Week Campaign - we went out today and did a litter pick around the school site. We are working with the MUFC Foundation to raise awareness this week about 'being green!' We collected 10 full bags of rubbish in a little under an hour! We were amazed at how much rubbish is littered around school and will continue to raise awareness to the local community in order to reduce this! Well done everyone for your hard work!

Friday 3rd September 2021 - Year 5 did a welcome activity today. We all told the class a piece of information about ourselves whilst passing around a ball of string. We ended up all connected with a 'spider web'. This showed that we are all individual and unique yet we are all part of the new Year 5 team!

Friday 3rd September 2021 - Year 5 came up with their own ideas today for the Year 5 Class Contract! Once agreed, all children and teachers sign the contract to agree a set of rules for the year!

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