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Year 5

Friday 21st June - Today we enjoyed a Celebration of the Word by Marika, Makena and Nate. They worked hard to plan their worship and delivered it to the class. They provided an excellent focus for the worship about Adam and Eve. The class spent some time in silent prayer, reflected to some calming music and carried out a number of excellent activities.

Wednesday 15th May - Today we enjoyed a Celebration of the Word by Kiara, Olamide and Sergio. They worked hard to plan their worship and delivered it to the class. They provided an excellent focus for the worship about Jonah and the whale. The story they chose was based around the Scripture from Matthew Chapter 12 Verse 40. The children then enjoyed activities in class based on the story.

Friday 10th May - Congratulations to Sergio, Nate, Daniel and Adrian! Our latest winners of the Caritas Salford Catholic Social Teaching Award for their efforts in going above and beyond raising money towards the residential trip in November!

Wednesday 24th April - Year 5 and the Year 4 Eco-Warriors carried out a litter pick today on the school field! They collected 23 bags of rubbish! Well done everyone!

Monday 22nd April - Year 5 were invited to take part in an Earth Day event at Old Trafford today in association with the Manchester United Foundation and DXC Technology. The children had an amazing time learning about how technology can help improve sustainability. They also got to experience virtual reality, use mBot2 programmable robots and Code and Go Robot Mice. They had a great time!

Friday 22nd and Monday 25th March - The Year 5 children have been looking at 'Retrofuturistic' art this half term and specifically looked at a piece of art by Tiers Albers called 'Moonwalk'. They completed this topic by creating their own artwork in a similar style. They went outside to create flicked paint backgrounds then used a futuristic piece of art, replicated a number of times, to overlay the background to create their finished piece.

Wednesday 20th March - Today we enjoyed a Celebration of the Word by Blake, Rafael and Victoria. They worked hard to plan their worship and delivered it to the class. They provided an excellent focus for the worship about Jesus’ time in the wilderness. The Scripture they chose was a reading from Matthew Chapter 4 Verses 1-11. They asked the children to speak to God and take some time to say sorry for any sins.

Monday 26th February - To finish off our science topic about space, today we learnt about the phases of the moon. We used a 'moon on a stick', a torch and Mr Winstanley's swivel chair to visualise why sometimes we see a full moon and at other times in a lunar month we see crescent or gibbous moons. We learnt the 8 phases of the moon and key vocabulary such as waxing and waning. To finish off today's lesson, we all made a moon phase spinner!

Wednesday 21st February - Year 5 walked to the Ascension Church again this morning for a puppet workshop by Goofus Theatre. The children had a fantastic time, learnt some puppetry techniques and made their own puppets! Thank you to Goofus Theatre and Ascension Church for putting this on for us! We had a great time.

w/c 5th February - DT - Year 5 children designed and constructed their own pop-up books this week! They learnt about installing levers, sliders and central pop-ups using pivots, layers and spacers! After half term, they're going to share their books with the Year 1 children!

Wednesday 7th February - Debby, Mariah and Yeswill celebrated the Word of God this afternoon. Their focus was 'Love' and how we show love to one another and how much God loves us.

Monday 22nd January - Alfie, Keziah, Mariah and Nate attended Old Trafford today to begin their MUFC Leaders role. They took part in various workshops to prepare them for their in-school roles. They set a brilliant example and did the school proud with their effort and behaviour. Well done!

Wednesday 17th January - In maths today we looked at multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000. Mr Winstanley called it a 'Cha Cha Slide' move as we can just move all the place value digits to the left! We practised this on the place value sliders and represented the numbers using counters and place value charts.

Wednesday 17th January - In Science today, we have begun to learn about our Solar System. We learnt how the Sun is our nearest star and sits at the centre. All the planets, including Earth, orbit around the Sun (Heliocentric). We looked at facts about each planet and came up with our own mnemonic to remember the order of the planets from the Sun. We watched some planet songs on Youtube and finally went outside with our inflatable Solar System to order the planets. We used a trundle wheel to measure out the scaled distance between the planets. We couldn’t believe how far Neptune was away from the Sun!! We also discussed how ‘poor’ Pluto used to be classified as a planet but due to its size, is now known as a dwarf planet.

Monday 15th January - In music today we listened to and played some ostinato rhythms. We learnt that an ostinato rhythm is a short melodic phrase that is repeated throughout a composition. We practised some rhythms and followed Mr Winstanley’s lead. Next week we will be making up our own based on our space theme. Click the link below to watch us in action!

Monday 15th January - Following on from our square numbers lesson, we carried out another investigation today using cubes to create cubes. We were working out how many cubes were needed to make a perfect cube—we discovered that we were actually learning about cube numbers! If you can make a perfect cube—then its’s a cube number! Take a look...

Wednesday 29th November - Today during our MUFC session, Mr Taylor introduced us to Goalball - a team sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. We had a great time trying it out!

November - Computing - In our computing lessons this half term we have been looking at creating videos. We looked at different types of camera angles and techniques to film, we created a storyboard to plan our videos and then we captured, edited and manipulated our videos to create the finished product! We used Clipchamp to add effects and titles too!

Monday 28th November - Following on from our lesson about multiples, today we looked at factors. We saw on the board how we can place counters to help us work out factors of any number. We then did an investigation to find the factors of numbers. We noticed that the numbers that only had 2 factors were prime! All other numbers are known as composite! Take a look...

Friday 24th November - Adrian, Markonal and Keziah celebrated the Word of God this morning through collective worship. Their focus was 'Strength' and how we gain our strength through Christ.

Wednesday 22nd November - Playing a make a metaphor matching game! We were animals!

Friday 17th November - Year 5 enjoying their time at Ascension Church this morning!

W/C 13th November - Year 5 carried out a number of science experiments this week as part of our properties of materials unit. We looked at thermal efficiency, dissolving and separating.

Friday 10th November - Year 5 welcomed their parents and carers in this morning to perfom their assembly. The assembly was all about remembrance and peace. The children were fantastic and performed perfectly. Well done!

Monday 6th November - Year 5 created their artwork for this week's assembly today using oil pastels.

Monday 30th October - During half term some of the Year 5 children have worked hard on their Ofrendas - an offering to a departed loved one - to be placed on the school altar during our Day of the Dead celebrations. In class this week the children have decorated Calacas (skulls) and flower pots to be positioned on the altar as well.

Wednesday 18th October - Year 5 visited the library this afternoon. The children got to have a good look around, completed a library 'hunt' and also got to join up and take a book home for them to enjoy. As always, the children were fantastic!

Tuesday 17th October - Today we enjoyed a Collective Worship by Aliyah, Kyle and Vorhe. They had worked hard to plan their worship and delivered it to the class. They provided an excellent focus for the worship and really got the children thinking about why it is important to spend some time reflecting and why God is important to us.

Friday 13th October - Today we discussed what a peacemaker is. We heard how Paul described the qualities of a Holy person. We discussed what it’s like to be a peacemaker in school and how we are role models for the younger children. We then acted out a number of scenarios showing how we can be peacemakers and follow the word of the Lord.

Tuesday 10th October - Today we met Kandace Chimbiri on a live zoom session! Kandace is an author of black history books for children. During our zoom she introduced us to her latest book, ‘Britain’s Black Airmen’. Kandace talked to us about her passion for writing, her methods of research and how long it takes her to produce a book! She talked in detail about her latest book and taught us about some very special people of colour who have played such a vital role in our history. We listened intently and hope to include some of her interesting facts in our class assembly in a few weeks!

Thursday 5th October - National Poetry Day! Today in Year 5 we celebrated National Poetry Day by writing our own Collum Lunes and Haikus. We wrote our poems around the theme of 'Refuge' - we drew a picture of our own refuge, listened to Mr Winstanley read 4 different poems with a refuge theme, 'magpied' some fantastic vocabulary, used to find synonyms for refuge and finally created and performed our own poetry! Click here to watch the videos of some of us performing our poems!

Wednesday/Thursday 4th/5th October - Year 5 got to put their designs into action today and started to build their Doodlers! Having assessed the form and function of a doodler, they used their designs to create their own! They discovered that the Doodler wasn't as easy to make as it may look! Click the link below to what some Doodlers in action!

Monday 2nd October - Today in DT we had to analyse a product in order to identify and explain what factors of a product can be changed and the impact these changes have on the product's form and function! Meet our Doodler...

Wednesday 27th September - Year 5 visited Lancashire Cricket Club today as part of their 'Education Without Boundaries' programme. The children had a fantastic day taking part in English and Maths activities, playing in the indoor cricket nets and visiting the Press and Media Centre. The children were fantastic as always and had a great day out.

Thursday 21st September - Today, Year 2 and Year 5 joined forces to begin our display project in school. Each class is to produce a large quantity of hand prints to create a new rainbow display in school. Year 2 were given yellow and Year 5 indigo! The two classes worked together perfectly to create their hand prints ready to be cut out and create what should be a fantastic display! Keep your eyes peeled around school for the finished product! Take a look...

20th September - In science today we carried out an investigation into the properties of materials. We tested 10 different materials to check if they were thermal conductors, magnetic and transparent. We used the electrical equipment to check for electrical conductivity (the bulb in our simple circuit would light up if the material being tested allowed electricity to flow through it), a magnet for magnetism and our eyes for transparency. Take a look...

Week commencing 18th September - This week in our English lessons we have been drafting our own version of the story of Beowulf. Mr Winstanley has read ‘Monster Slayer’ by Brian Patten to us and we had to take notes whilst we listened. We then used our notes to draft our own version of the story. We will be levelling up our stories and writing the finished version in our English book very soon!

Wednesday 13th September - Year 5 started their first DT unit this week. They had to make a simple series circuit, using the components provided, to light up the bulb and/or start the motor.

Wednesday 13th September - Year 5 started their weekly lessons with the Manchester United Foundation this week! They were fantastic and Aaron was very impressed with their maturity and ability!

Tuesday 12th September - Year 5 tested out all their login details today for the various online learning platforms we use in school and at home!

Friday 8th September - Year 5 impressed each other and their teachers today with their place value knowledge. Showing their understanding using manipulatives, bar models and part part whole models too! Well done!

Thursday 7th September - Today the children in Year 5 all spoke about their individual talents and skills. Whilst doing so, we unravelled some string which created a huge spider web! We learnt that although we are all individual, we are all part of the new Year 5 family and will work well as a team!

First week in Year 5 - The children all worked hard on agreeing the new Year 5 contract today!

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