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Year 3

Father Pat taught us about the Rite of Baptism and showed us the special objects used for this Sacrament and what they symbolise.

w/c 29th November 2021 - This week it was Inclusive Sports Week in our United Session. We played blind Goal Ball using face masks and our partners had to navigate us safely. We listened to the bell in the ball to control our passing and kicking. We discussed how it made us feel, how we can succeed and how we can be ambitious. We developed team work and listening skills. Thank you Elliot for another fun and enjoyable session!

Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying their Judo sessions with Ann the Judo Teacher. We have learned lots of new skills including how to break fall safely; hold our partners down and throw them safely. In addition, we have learned how to behave respectfully towards our partners, bowing before and shaking hands after a challenge and we have learned new Japanese terminology associated with this fantastic sport. Thank you Ann.

A special visitor from Trafford Music Services demonstrated a range of instruments to the class. We learned so much!

The month of November is dedicated to the Holy Souls. We began the month with the Feast of All Saints. For Remembrance day, we celebrated an act of collective worship and shared our artwork and acrostic Remembrance poems.

Father Pat joined us in our collective worship to celebrate October, the Month of the Holy Rosary.

We became palaeontologists to find out how fossils are made and made our own body and trace fossils.

We can sort and classify rocks into the three rock groups: Igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary. We can use topic related vocabulary to name each rock and describe their properties.

Year 3 have been lucky enough this term to participate in amazing music workshop with Chethams School of Music.

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