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At St Alphonsus RC Primary School, we put Christ at the centre of our teaching and learning.  Our curriculum stems from our Mission Statement: 

God lives in me. I am His witness. 

I respect everybody, everybody respects me. 

In our loving school, everyone is unique. 

Just like the flowers in the field, as they

grow, we too grow in God’s love each day.


The life and teaching of Jesus and the values of the Gospel underpin all aspects of school life.


Why do we teach Music at St Alphonsus RC Primary School? 


At St Alphonsus RC Primary School, music plays an important part in our school community. Our long term music planning is tailored to our school’s immersive lessons which are creative and varied to meet the objective criteria, enabling all our children to access a high quality music education. Our lessons enable children to access engaging and exciting resources in order to develop their musical knowledge, skills and understanding, building on previous learning resulting in them being able to:


  • Perform, listen to, review & evaluate music
  • Be taught to sing, improvise with & compose music 
  • Understand & explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notations.


It is hoped that through this they will develop a love for music, through an active involvement in performing, composing, listening and appraising across a wide range of historical periods, styles, traditions and musical genres embracing the cultural diversity of the world we live in.  We promote an understanding and the importance of all types of music, and respect the role music may play in any person’s life. The children learn to sing, and are given opportunities to perform to an audience. We encourage children to understand the value of music within the wider community, and enable them to be involved in musical experiences in a range of contexts. Staff and children recognise the important role that music plays in both children’s academic and social development. Our objective is to promote enjoyment, confidence and enthusiasm for music through practical activity, exploration and discussion.


As well as weekly music lessons in class, pupils also have additional opportunities to participate in music through weekly singing assemblies, lessons with peripatetic teachers, performances in and out of school and participating in music activities through external organisations. We are strongly supported by Trafford Music Service with staff training and opportunities for the children to get involved in various music experiences.


Well done Miss Rooney in achieving the Music Mark Award (2021-2022) for our school.  This shows your commitment to teaching the Music curriculum in our school.

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